1. Use the final balances of the vendor accounts after completing Exercise 8.8 to prepare a schedule of accounts payable for Bioplast Jewelry, Inc., as of January 31, 2016.
In Exercise 8.8, Assume the following account balances at January 1, 2016, for Bioplast Jewelry, Inc.:
Accounts Payable (control account) ......... $6,600
Accounts Payable—Evans Enterprises ....... 1,600
Accounts Payable—Stamos Distributors ....... 3,100
Accounts Payable—Tonetta Company ....... 1,900
Use 202 as the account number for accounts payable in the general ledger.

2. Does the total of your accounts payable schedule agree with the balance of the accounts payable account in the general ledger at January 31,2016?

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