Question: 1 Use this plot to check the linear condition 2 Use

1. Use this plot to check the linear condition.
2. Use this plot to check for dependence in data over time.
3. Use this plot to check the similar variances condition.
4. Use this plot to check the nearly normal condition.
5. Term for data with unequal error variation
6. The SRM assumes that the model errors have this property.
7. An observation in a regression model with an unusually large or small value of X
8. Statistic used to detect dependence in sequences of residuals
9. An observation that deviates from the pattern in the rest of the data
10. The phrase independent observations describes data collected in this manner.
(a) Normal quantile plot of residuals
(b) Heteroscedasticity
(c) Time plot of residuals
(d) Durbin-Watson statistic
(e) Leveraged
(f) Plot of residuals on X
(g) Random sample from a
(h) Homoscedasticity
(i) Scatterplot of Y on X
(j) Outlier

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