1 Using the framework in Figure 9 4 how would you
1. Using the framework in Figure 9-4, how would you categorize each of the three customer segments?
2. How should Johnson Snacks respond to the letter from Discount 2 You?
Murray Griffin, manager of distribution for Johnson Snacks, was faced with a difficult task. The company deals with three types of customers: grocery stores, drug stores, and a mass merchant with several locations. Harold L. Carter, the new CEO had circulated a letter from Johnson Snacks’ only mass merchandise customer, Discount 2 You, complaining of poor operating performance. Among the problems cited by Discount 2 You were:
(1) Frequent stock outs
(2) Poor customer service responsiveness
(3) High prices for Johnson Snacks’ products.
The letter suggested that if Johnson Snacks were to remain a supplier to Discount 2 You, it would need to eliminate stock outs by:
(1) Providing direct store delivery four times per week (instead of three)
(2) Installing an automated order inquiry system to increase customer service responsiveness ($300,000 investment)
(3) Decreasing product prices by 5 percent. The company had never analyzed customer profitability, and wasn’t sure how to respond to these demands.
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