Question: 1 Was Midland s condemnation of property in this case for

1. Was Midland’s condemnation of property in this case for a public benefit? Explain.
2. Is it fair that a city can exercise its eminent domain power to take property even though the property will not be used immediately to benefit the city’s residents? Why or why not?
3. The town of Midland—and its taxpaying citizens—had to pay fair value to fifteen property owners for property it acquired through eminent domain. Is it right to make the citizens of one town pay for a pipeline constructed for another town? Explain.
4. Suppose that Midland’s use of its eminent domain authority had been to acquire property for a private use that would have had an arguably public benefit—for example, suppose the town was planning to lease the acquired property to a private resort that would employ a large portion of the local workforce and bring tourist dollars into the community. What are arguments for and against this use of the power of eminent domain?

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