1. Were you affected directly by the Affordable Care Act? If so, in what ways.
2. Are you covered by a health care plan? If so, what do you see as the largest potential for losses if you become ill or injured? How well do you understand the plan?
3. HMO plans and health insurance plans take different approaches to health care. What are the major differences between the two types of plans? Which plan would you prefer for your own health care protection?
4. Are you covered by a long-term care insurance plan? What would happen if you became so incapacitated that such care was necessary? What could you do?
5. Are you covered by disability income insurance? What would happen if you were unable to work for two or three years because of illness or injury?
6. Give some thought to naming a health care proxy, signing a living will and a durable power of attorney. What are some specific provisions that you might put into the documents, and who might you name as your proxy and power of attorney?

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