1. What are some of the reasons that RMO decided to build the supply chain management system prior to the customer support system?
2. What are some of the consequences to RMO if it is wrong to wait to build the customer support system?
3. What are some of the consequences to RMO if the owners change their minds and start with the customer support system before building the supply chain management system?
RMO’s strategic information systems plan calls for building a new supply chain management (SCM) system prior to building the customer support system (CSS). John Blankens has stated often that customer orientation is the key to success. If that is so, why not build the CSS first, so customers can immediately benefit from improved customer ordering and fulfillment? Wouldn’t that increase sales and profits faster? RMO already has factories that produce many items RMO sells, and RMO has long-standing relationships with suppliers around the globe. The product catalog is well established, and the business has existing customers who appear eager and willing to shop online. Why wait? Perhaps John Blankens has made a mistake in planning.

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