Question: 1 What are some possible reasons for the back of the house

1. What are some possible reasons for the back-of-the house employees’ carelessness?
2. How should Tom assess the current situation?
3. If you were Tom’s supervisor, what advice would you have given him before he started his new position?
One month ago, Tom was promoted from line cook to kitchen manager. It was a significant step up in his life. He felt that his promotion was well deserved, as he had always been a hard worker. Tom never had a second thought about going the extra mile for his employer. He felt that since he had seniority in the kitchen and was friendly with everyone in the back of the house, he would be sure to get the respect he deserved from everyone for whom he had responsibility. About three weeks into his new position, Tom found that this was not the case. Several back- of- the house employees had become careless about their responsibilities after Tom were promoted. They were coming to work late, wearing unlaundered uniforms, and becoming more and more sloppy with their plate presentations. Every day at work, Tom was becoming more frustrated and upset. He knew that the employees were never careless about these matters with their previous supervisor.

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