Question: 1 What are some suggestions for training staff to handle

1. What are some suggestions for training staff to handle unusual circumstances?
2. How do you ensure that suppliers are delivering the product at the price quoted?
3. What do you do with lazy employees?
4. What do you do with irresponsible employees?
5. How do you deal with employees who steal?
Michelle Wong is manager of the Java Coffee House at a busy location on Union Street in San Francisco. Michelle says that there are several challenges in operating a busy coffeehouse, such as training staff to handle unusual circumstances. For example, one guest consumed a cup of coffee and ate two- thirds of a piece of cake and then said he didn’t like the cake, so didn’t want to pay for his order. Another problem is suppliers who quote good prices to get her business and then, two weeks later, raise the price of some of the items. Michelle says that the young employees she has at the Java Coffee House are her greatest challenge of all. According to Michelle, there are four kinds of employees— those who are lazy; those who are good but not responsible; those who steal; and those who are great and are no trouble.

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