Question: 1 What are the ethical issues raised by this case

1. What are the ethical issues raised by this case? Assessing blame: the role of government, whose laws should apply? Profit vs. safety Can unethical behavior go unnoticed? Aside from loss of life and health, what is the greatest loss? What can be done to avoid a recurrence?
2. Did the doctrine of "Limited Liability" apply to protect the shareholders of Union Carbide Corporation (U.S.)?
3. Were the Indian operations, which were being overseen by the managers of Union Carbide Corporation (U.S.), in compliance with legal, moral, or ethical standards?

On April 24, 1985, Warren M. Anderson, the sixty-three-year-old chairman of Union Carbide Corporation, had to make a disappointing announcement to angry stockholders at their annual meeting in Danbury, Connecticut. Anderson, who had been jailed briefly by the government of India on charges of “negligence and criminal corporate liability,” had been devoting all his attention to the company’s mushrooming problems.

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