1 What are the observable artifacts espoused values and basic
1. What are the observable artifacts, espoused values, and basic assumptions associated with Chrysler’s culture? Explain.
2. How is Mr. Machionne trying to improve the PE fit of his direct reports?
3. Use the competing values framework to diagnose Chrysler’s culture. To what extent does it possess characteristics associated with clan, adhocracy, market, and hierarchy cultures? Discuss.
4. Begin by looking up Chrysler’s mission or vision statement on the company’s Web site. Now answer the following question: To what extent is the culture type you identified in question 2 consistent with the accomplishment of this mission or vision? Explain.
5. Which of the mechanisms for changing organizational culture did Mr. Marchionne use at Chrysler? Explain.
6. Would you like to work at Chrysler? Explain your rationale.
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