Question: 1 What are the purposes and uses of the concept

1. What are the purposes and uses of the concept of jurisdiction? Why do we limit the courts to which a claim can be taken?
2. Law cases often read like soap operas even as they reveal important truths. A woman and man, each married to others, had engaged in a long- term love affair. The woman’s husband died, and she pleaded with her paramour to leave his New York home to visit her in Florida. She affirmed her love for the man. They made arrangements to meet in Miami, but on his arrival at the airport he was served a summons informing him that he was being sued. His Florida “lover” sought $500,000 for money allegedly loaned to him and for seduction inspired by a promise of marriage.
a. Does the Florida court have proper jurisdiction over him?
b. What if he had voluntarily come to Florida on vacation?
3. Sea Pines, a privately owned suburban community on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, was designated a wildlife sanctuary by the state legislature. After study, the state Department of Natural Resources decided to issue permits to allow limited deer hunting on the land to reduce overpopulation. Various environmental groups challenged the issuance of the permits. What defense would you expect the state to offer in court? Explain.
The losing party may seek a judgment notwithstanding the verdict (judgment n.o.v) on the grounds that the jury’s decision was clearly inconsistent with the law or the evidence. Such motions are rarely granted. The judge is also empowered to enter a judgment n.o.v on his or her own initiative.

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