Question: 1 What are the responsibilities of employees who become aware

1. What are the responsibilities of employees who become aware of unethical behavior by their superiors?
2. What actions should be taken by corporate leaders when they receive reports of sexual abuse? Why?
3. If unethical or illegal behavior occurs within a business enterprise, how can employees bring about change when initial reports are ignored?
4. Why do you think that senior managers want to cover-up scandals that occur within their organizations?
5. What actions can senior managers take to repair the damaged reputations of their organizations after scandals become publicly known? Do you think that apologies are worthwhile?

In January of 2002, the Boston Globe began a series of articles reporting that Fr. John Geoghan, had been transferred from one parish to another in the Archdiocese of Boston, even though senior Church officials knew that he was a pedophile. There was outrage among parishioners that archdiocesan administrators, including Cardinal Bernard Law, could be complacent about Fr. Geoghan’s behavior while he was being relocated to various parishes. The message being sent was that “abusive priests mattered more than innocent children.” Anger among Boston Catholics led to the formation of Voice of the Faithful, a grassroots movement among concerned Catholics in the Boston area that quickly spread to becoming an international movement. Their call was simple: Keep the Faith, Change the Church. Their plea was eventually heard. Cardinal Law resigned and Fr. Geoghan was sent to prison where he died.

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