Question: 1 What are the two sorts of motion of which

1. What are the two sorts of motion of which the body of animals, including humans, are capable, according to Hobbes?
2. What kinds of motions are appetite and aversion? How are these related to love and hate?
3. How are good and evil related to these bodily motions, according to Hobbes?
4. In what ways are men equal and unequal? Which is more significant?
5. What happens when people desire the same thing? How does one solve this problem for oneself, according to Hobbes?
6. Should power or dominion over others be allowed, according to Hobbes?
7. What does Hobbes mean when he says that nature has given everyone a right to all? What is the result of this?
8. Beyond society and its rules, is there any right or wrong, or just or unjust, according to Hobbes?

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