1 What argument against women s rights did Thomas Taylor make
1. What argument against women’s rights did Thomas Taylor make?
2. Why does Singer believe that the response to this argument, which stresses the similarity between women and men, does not go far enough?
3. Does equal consideration imply identical treatment? Why or why not, according to Singer?
4. Why does Singer believe it would be wrong to tie equal treatment to the factual equality of those to be treated equally? What principle does he propose instead?
5. What is speciesism? According to Singer, how does it parallel racism and sexism?
6. Why does Singer propose that all who can suffer, as Bentham said, ought to have their interests taken into consideration?
7. Why does Singer prefer the principle of equal consideration of interests to concerns about whether or not certain beings have rights?
8. Does Singer believe that there should be no experiments involving animals? Explain.
9. Why does Singer ask whether we would be willing to experiment on brain-damaged orphan children in order to save many other people? Does he believe that this would ever be justified?

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