Question: 1 What changes in the work situation might account for

1. What changes in the work situation might account for the increase in productivity and the decrease in controllable rejects?
2. What might account for the drop in absenteeism and the increase in morale?
3. What were the major changes in the situation? Which changes were under the control of the manager? Which were controlled by workers?
4. What might happen if the workers went back to the old assembly line method?

A group of 10 workers were responsible for assembling hotplates (instruments for heating solutions to a given temperature) for hospital and medical laboratory use. A number of different models of hotplates were being manufactured. Some had a vibrating device so that the solution could be mixed while being heated. Others heated only test tubes. Still others could heat solutions in a variety of different containers. With the appropriate small tools, each worker assembled part of a hotplate. The partially completed hotplate was placed on a moving belt, to be carried from one assembly station to the next. When the hotplate was completed, an inspector would check it over to ensure that it was working properly. Then the last worker would place it in a specially prepared cardboard box for shipping.

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