Question: 1 What does the position of enterprise architect entail What

1. What does the position of enterprise architect entail? What qualifications or experiences would you think a good enterprise architect should have? Support your answer with examples from the case.
2. Consider the different companies mentioned in the case and their experiences with enterprise architecture. Does this approach seem to work better in certain types of companies or industries than in others? Why or why not?
3. What is the value derived from companies with mature enterprise architectures? Can you see any disadvantages? Discuss.

When technology infrastructure lines up with business projects like musicians in a marching band, you know you have a good enterprise architect on staff. Enterprise architecture focuses on four crucial C’s: connection, collaboration, communication, and customers. Imagine needing to manually log onto five different systems to create and track an order, or spending 20 hours to research a project because you didn’t know that the information already existed in another department. These situations result from fragmentation and siloed thinking; the goal of enterprise architecture, on the other hand, is to create unity.

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