Question: 1 What evidence is there in this case that BP

1. What evidence is there in this case that BP simply addresses fines “as a cost of doing business”?
2. BP chief executive Tony Hayward argued that “changing the culture of a 100,000 person company couldn’t happen overnight.” He had been in charge for three years before the Deepwater Horizon spill. Were critics right to expect more change than they saw?
3. Has BP been successful in its move “Beyond Petroleum”?
4. How can BP begin to restore its reputation going forward?

In 2000, the chief executive of British Petroleum (BP), Lord John Browne, who had transformed the company from a small oil producer into a global giant with the acquisitions of Amoco and Atlantic Richfield, rebranded the company as “Beyond Petroleum” to portray a company that was environmentally conscious and committed to the development of alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power. The new “blooming flower” corporate logo was intended to convey a company that was responsive to growing public concerns about climate change.

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