Question: 1 What is a prototype and why is it an

1. What is a prototype and why is it an important tool for system designers?
2. Explain two different ways that Global Earth might use prototypes.
3. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of prototyping?
4. In addition to the wind tunnel shown in figure think of at least three other products that would be good candidates for prototyping.

Global Earth Mortgages is a mortgage lender that makes home loans and resells the loans to investors. To resell loans, strict legal guidelines must be followed. Global Earth want to develop a Web-based loan application system based on these guidelines. Because legal compliance is critical to Global Earth’s business, you decided to create a prototype that users can test before the final design is implemented. You will be meeting new week with Joanie James, Global Earth’s president, and you need to prepare for the meeting.

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