Question: 1 What is CRM in general Give examples of different

1. What is CRM in general? Give examples of different CRM applications.
2. Enumerate and explain the various ways in which the CRM applications discussed here save costs or help in other ways.
3. Which metrics would you use to measure before and after performance regarding the information technologies implemented in this case? Consider cost, service quality, cycle time, and any other performance factor and provide a specific metric (i.e., ratio, product, or absolute value).
4. What are the challenges of implementing mobile technology? Are the savings similar to web-based systems?
5. As an executive for FedEx or a similar company, what else would you implement using mobile computing and the Internet?

The use of information technology is needed by every industry size and type of business. Small businesses can realize the positive effects through adopting technology. However, small businesses often do not have the resources and expertise of large corporations to implement information technology strategies. However, the benefits of technology for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are just as crucial to business operations and strategy.

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