Question: 1 What is the business benefits derived from the technology

1. What is the business benefits derived from the technology implementation described in the case? Also, discuss benefits other than those explicitly mentioned in the case.
2. Are virtual stores like this one just an incremental innovation on the way marketing tests new product designs? Or do they have the potential to radically reinvent the way these companies work? Explain your reasons.
3. What other industries could benefit from deployments of virtual reality like the one discussed in the case? Leaving aside the cost of the technology, what new products or services could you envision within those industries? Provide several examples.

Using a new tool developed by Kimberly-Clark Corp., a woman stood surrounded by three screens showing a store aisle, a retina-tracking device recording her every glance. At Kimberly-Clark, innovation does not stop with developing more-absorbent diapers or stronger paper towels. The consumer-goods maker also is using IT to help retailers market and sell products—and not just the ones made by Kimberly-Clark.

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