1 What is the business value of XML to the
1. What is the business value of XML to the organizations described in the case? How are they able to achieve such large returns on investment?
2. What are other ways in which XML could be used by organizations to create value and share data? Look for examples involving for-profit organizations to gain a more complete perspective on the issue.
3. What seem to be important elements in the success of projects relying on extensive use of XML across organizations, and why? Research the concept of metadata to inform your answer.

A power consortium that distributes a mix of "green" and conventional electricity is implementing an XML-based settlements system that drives costs out of power distribution. The Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) is one of several state-chartered coordinators in California that schedules that delivery of power to the California power grid and then settles the payment due to suppliers. NCPA sells the power generated by the cities of Palo Alto and Santa Clara, as well as hydro- and geothermal sources farther north.

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