1 What is the correct total time 2 What is
1. What is the correct total time?
2. What is the critical path?
3. Create a Gantt chart that shows the WBS.
4. Create a PERT/CPM chart.

At Forest Point Construction, your boss says that he can estimate the total project time based on his personal experience. You are trying to convince him that he should use project management techniques to handle a complex project. To prove your point, you decide to use a simple example of a commercial steel building construction project, with eight steps. You create a hypothetical work breakdown structure, as follows:
• Prepare the site (3 days), and then set the building footers (3 days).
• Finish the foundation (5 days), and then assemble the building (3 days).
• When the building is assembled, start two tasks at once: finish the interior work (5 days) and set up an appointment for the final building inspection (15 days).
• When the interior work is done, start two more tasks at once: landscaping (7 days) and driveway paving (3 days).
• When the landscaping and driveway are done, do the painting (2 days).
• Finally, when the painting is done and the final inspection has occurred, arrange the sale (2 days).
Now you ask your boss to review the tasks, estimate the total time, and write the answer on a piece of paper. You look at the paper and see that his guess is wrong.

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