Question: 1 What is the main issue in this case 2 What

1. What is the main issue in this case?
2. What are the forces for cultural change at First Union?
3. Discuss the use of power at First Union.
4. What political tactics should Meg use?
Meg’s division was responsible for both employee training and management development, and the services that her staff provided were very visible in the organization. Her division served the needs of those units directly tied to serving consumers and enjoyed high status. Meg was promoted to the level of vice president. One week after the announcement of her promotion, her boss told her that she would receive a new office with new furniture However, the president considered the office too large and would have to be “modified” to conform to new building regulations. Meg wondered why she was the first person to fall victim to this regulation.
First Union had no ranking female executives at or above the level of vice president prior to Meg’s promotion. This fact had prompted intervention from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, who encouraged First Union to promote female managers. Meg felt awkward about being the first female to pave the way.

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