Question: 1 What is the underlying issue behind endpoint security and

1. What is the underlying issue behind endpoint security, and why is it becoming even more difficult for companies to address it? Define the problem in your own words using examples from the case.
2. What are the different approaches taken by the organizations in the case to address this issue? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Provide at least two examples for each alternative.
3. A majority of respondents to a survey discussed in the case described their company as “trusting.” What does this mean? What is the upside of a company being “trusting”? What is the downside? Provide some examples to illustrate your answers.

Users say protecting network ends is becoming more difficult as the type of endpoint devices— desktops, laptops, smart phones—grows, making security a complex moving target. The problem is compounded by the range of what groups within corporations do on these devices, which translates into different levels of protection for classes of users on myriad devices.

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