Question: 1 What kind of investment approach do you think the

1. What kind of investment approach do you think the Ashcrofts should adopt—that is, should they be conservative with their money or aggressive? Explain.
2. What kind of stocks do you think the Ashcrofts should invest in? How important is current income (i.e., dividends or interest income) to them? Should they be putting any of their money into bonds? Explain.
3. Construct an investment portfolio that you feel would be right for the Ashcrofts and invest the full $90,000. Put actual stocks, bonds, and/or convertible securities in the portfolio; you may also put up to one-third of the money into short-term securities such as CDs, Treasury bills, money funds, or MMDAs. Select any securities you want, so long as you feel they’d be suitable for the Ashcrofts.
Make sure that the portfolio consists of six or more different securities, and use the latest issue of The Wall Street Journal or an online source such as to determine the market prices of the securities you select. Show the amount invested in each security along with the amount of current income (from dividends and/or interest) that will be generated from the investments. Briefly explain why you selected these particular securities for the Ashcrofts’ portfolio.

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