Question: 1 What options does Atrium have for acquiring a new

1. What options does Atrium have for acquiring a new system?
2. What are the pros and cons of in-house development versus purchasing a system?
3. If the decision is made to purchase a new system, what are three options for customizing the software?
4. Based on Part C of the Systems Analyst’s Toolkit, what financial analysis tools should you use to evaluate the software acquisition options for Atrium? Explain how you would apply each of the tools.

Atrium Bio-Medical Supply is a medium sized regional supplier of medical and laboratory equipment. Since starting the company 12 years ago, Victoria Dawn has built Atrium into a competitive supply company across several metro areas, but her growth potential is limited because the firm does not have an integrated sales and logistics system. Victoria asked you to evaluate Atrium’s options for acquiring a new system.

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