1. What starting point for consideration of abortion does Thomson accept? Why?
2. Describe the violinist example. What argument could be made for keeping the violinist “plugged in?”
3. What is the so-called extreme position? How does it distinguish between directly killing and letting die?
4. How could the violinist case be a case of self defense? How is abortion to save the mother’s life similar to or different from this case?
5. What is the example of the child growing in the house supposed to show?
6. What is the example of Henry Fonda’s cool hand supposed to show? The box of chocolates?
7. How does the “peopleseeds” example bring out the issue of consent or voluntariness?
8. What problems regarding the meaning of a right does Thomson’s argument raise?
9. What is the point of the Good Samaritan example?
10. What, finally, is Thomson arguing for, and what is she not claiming?

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