1 What type of EDP system is characterized by data
1. What type of EDP system is characterized by data that are assembled from more than one location and records that are updated immediately?
a. Personal computer system
b. Minicomputer system
c. Batch- processing system
d. Online, real- time system

2. An EDP technique that collects data into groups to permit convenient and efficient processing is known as
a. Document- count processing.
b. Multiprogramming.
c. Batch processing.
d. Generalized- audit processing.

3. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a batch-processed computer system?
a. The collection of like transactions that are sorted and processed sequentially against a master file
b. Key transcription of transactions, followed by machine processing
c. The production of numerous printouts
d. The posting of a transaction, as it occurs, to several files without intermediate printouts

4. What is the computer process called when data processing is performed concurrently with a particular activity, and the results are available soon enough to influence the particular course of action being taken or the decision being made?
a. Real- Time processing
b. Batch processing
c. Random- access processing
d. Integrated data processing

5. The real- time feature normally would be least useful when applied to accounting for a firm’s.
a. Bank account balances.
b. Property and depreciation.
c. Customer accounts receivable.
d. Merchandise inventory.

6. An EDP input control is designed to ensure that
a. Machine processing is accurate.
b. Only authorized personnel have access to the computer area.
c. Data received for processing are properly authorized and converted to machine- readable form.
d. Electronic data processing has been performed as intended for the particular application.

7. When erroneous data are detected by computer program controls, such data may be excluded from processing and printed on an error report. This error report should be reviewed and followed up by the
a. Computer operator.
b. Systems analyst.
c. EDP control group.
d. Computer programmer.

8. Which of the following would lessen internal control in an EDP system?
a. The computer librarian maintains custody of computer program instructions and detailed program listings.
b. Computer operators have access to operator instructions and detailed program listings.
c. The control group maintains sole custody of all computer output.
d. Computer programmers write and debug programs that perform routines designed by the systems analyst.

9. An internal administrative control sometimes used in connection with procedures to detect unauthorized or unexplained computer usage is
a. Maintenance of a computer tape library.
b. Use of file controls.
c. Maintenance of a computer console log.
d. Control over program tapes.

10. A procedural control used in the management of a computer center to minimize the possibility of data or program file destruction through operator error includes
a. Control figures.
b. Cross-footing tests.
c. Limit checks.
d. External labels.

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