1 What type of fund as to fund objective such as
1. What type of fund (as to fund objective—such as growth, income, index) do you feel is appropriate for the Steeles, given their investment goals? Explain your answer.
2. What type of fund (as to fund structure—such as open-end, closed-end, exchange traded) do you feel is appropriate for the Steeles, given their backgrounds and willingness to manage their investments?
3. The stockbroker with whom the Steeles have had discussions is encouraging them to invest in several balanced funds sponsored by her firm. Each has a 4.5 percent frontend load and operating costs of 1.2 percent annually. Would you advise the Steeles to follow her suggestion? Explain and indicate any additional information you would like to have about the funds.
4. Refer to Figure 12.6. Of the three types of investors shown there, which is the most fitting for the Steeles? Explain. Also, if you feel that none of the three is appropriate in the Steeles’case, design a portfolio that you think is better.
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