1 What types of problems was the consolidated city county government
1. What types of problems was the consolidated city-county government of Denver, Colorado, experiencing with document management before instituting the Alfresco ECM system?
2. How did the Alfresco ECM system provide a solution to these problems?
3. What management, organization, and technology issues had to be addressed in selecting and implementing Denver’s new content management system?
4. How did the new content management system change governmental processes for Denver? How did it benefit citizens?

Most of us have never contemplated the totality of services provided every day by our local or city governments. From administering elections to maintaining a court system, a coroner’s office, birth and death records, and deeds of trust, to managing trash pickup, recycling programs, and hazardous waste disposal, local governments are document repositories extraordinaire! The consolidated city-county government of Denver, Colorado, is a striking case in point. With a combined population of over 600,000, and encompassing 155 square miles and 80 defined neighborhoods, this fused governmental entity oversees nearly 140 schools, over 200 parks, 29 recreation centers, 14 public libraries, 34 fire stations, over 1,000 buses and five light rail lines, Denver International Airport ( DIA), an animal shelter, a Department of Motor Vehicles, and hundreds of other governmental departments and services. The amount of documentation in the varied and yet often interconnected departments is staggering. Nearly $ 1 billion and over 10,000 employees are needed to keep Denver’s services running and to record, verify, and compile all of the supporting documentation.

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