Question: 1 What was the original function of just war theory

1. What was the original function of just war theory with which Walzer agrees?
2. In what sense was the theory “an argument of the religious center,” according to Walzer, and how did the faculty of the University of Salamanca in 1520 exemplify this position?
3. What role did “the national interest” play in the new realism of the 1950s and 1960s, according to Walzer?
4. What elements of a common moral language that became part of the academic and military arguments about war does Walzer believe we learned from certain moralizing about the Vietnam
5. In addition to the “Vietnam syndrome,” what lesson does Walzer believe we learned from this war?
6. While noting objections to certain strategies of the Gulf War, in what way does Walzer believe it included a compromise? Why did this compromise come about?
7. According to Walzer, in what way has moral theory about just war triumphed?
8. What two responses to this position does Walzer describe, and what are his criticisms of each?
9. Why does Walzer call the just war theory a “doctrine of radical responsibility”?

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