1 What were Nickles s objections to the expert Boldus s testimony 2
1. What were Nickles’s objections to the expert, Boldus’s, testimony?
2. What objection was raised by the dissenting Justice Sabers?
3. Dodge slipped leaving work and claimed that she suffered knee, ankle, and back injuries. Dodge sued the workplace cleaning service, but she provided no expert testimony to establish that the fall caused the injuries. Rather Dodge provided her own explanation of the fall and resulting injuries. Did the trial court err in admitting Dodge’s lay person testimony? Explain.
Larry Nickles, the guardian of Mark Nickles, appeals the trial court’s admission of expert testimony.
On May 5, 1996, Jay Schild (Schild), Mark Nickles and Schild’s younger brother drove to the Human Services Golf Course in Yankton, South Dakota, to play golf. All three boys were minors. Both Nickles and Schild had previously received golf instructions and had been taught some golfing rules.
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