Question: 1 When the requirements of Pearson s r cannot be met

1. When the requirements of Pearson’s r cannot be met, we might still be able to employ
a. a t ratio.
b. a parametric measure of correlation.
c. a nonparametric measure of correlation.
d. None of the above
2. Why would we decide to test the significance of a rank-order, gamma, or contingency
correlation coefficient?
a. To measure its strength
b. To measure its direction
c. To see whether we can generalize it to the population from which our sample
was drawn
d. To see whether we have really met the requirements for using the test
was drawn
3. The phi and contingency coefficients are extensions of which test?
a. Pearson’s r
b. Spearman’s rank order
c. Chi-square
d. Gamma

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