Question: 1 Where did AAAA Web site fall on the sliding

1. Where did AAAA Web site fall on the sliding scale of the Zippo standard?
2. As a practical matter, what happens to Mink’s case now? May he refile it in another court?

Mink, a Texas resident, developed a computer program and, while awaiting a patent, was approached about potential marketing services by AAAA (a Vermont corporation). In the negotiations, Mink shared ideas and information on his system with AAAA, and later filed suit in a federal district court in Texas against AAAA alleging that they conspired to copy his program for financial gain. AAAA did not own property or have any other contact in Texas, but they did maintain a Website to advertise its software over the internet. The site was available to all users, including residents of Texas.

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