Question: 1 Which business processes are the most important at Summit

1. Which business processes are the most important at Summit Electric Supply? Why?
2. What problems did Summit have with its old systems? What was the business impact of those problems?
3. How did Summit’s ERP system improve operational efficiency and decision making? Give several examples.
4. Describe two ways in which Summit’s customers benefit from the new ERP system.
5. Diagram Summit’s old and new process for handling chargebacks.

Summit Electric Supply is one of the top whole-sale distributors of industrial electrical equipment and supplies in the United States, with 500 employees and nearly $ 358 million in sales in 2011. Summit operates in four states and has a global export division based in Houston, a marine division based in New Orleans, and a sales office in Dubai. Summit distributes products that include motor controls, wire and cable, cords, lighting, conduit and fittings, wiring devices, support systems and fasteners, outlet boxes and enclosures, and transformers and power protection equipment. The company obtains finished goods from manufacturers and then sells them to electrical contractors working on projects ranging from small construction jobs to sophisticated industrial projects. As a distributor, Summit Electric Supply is a “middle man” on the supply chain, and must be able to rapidly handle a high volume of transactions and swift inventory turnover.

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