Question: 1 Which influence tactics are evident in this case study

1. Which influence tactics are evident in this case study? If you were Deborah Dunsire’s mentor or personal coach, which tactic would you advise her to rely on the most? Explain.
2. Which type of power, socialized or personalized, has Deborah Dunsire used most effectively in her professional life? Explain.
3. What specific power bases have played a role in Deborah Dunsire’s career success? What is her strongest power base in her present position? Explain.
4. Which layer on the initiative pyramid in Figure 15-3 best characterizes Deborah Dunsire’s management style? How has this helped her succeed?
5. If you were being interviewed by Deborah Dunsire for a managerial position, how would you go about making a good impression to land the job?

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