Question: 1 Who are the stakeholders involved and what are their

1. Who are the stakeholders involved, and what are their interests?
2. Which stakeholders and interests are the most important? Why?
3. What was wrong with the quality of the board of directors’ debate?
4. What is the downside if the right decision is not made? Consider economic factors and also what Jack might do.

The Kardell paper mill was established at the turn of the century on the Cherokee River in southeastern Ontario by the Kardell family. By 1985, the Kardell Paper Co. had outgrown its original mill and had encompassed several facilities in different locations, generating total revenues of $1.7 billion per year. The original mill continued to function and was the firm’s largest profit center. The Kardell family no longer owned shares in the firm, which had become a publicly traded company whose shares were widely held. Kardell Paper Co. was a firm with a record of reporting good profits and had a policy of paying generous bonuses to the chief executive officer and other senior executives.

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