Question: 1 Why are the views of the German managers and

1. Why are the views of the German managers and associates so different? What are the underlying cultural values that may be causing the differences? Why are views so different’ can be discussed based on the basis of diversity and what makes people diverse and how does these differences influence people’s perceptions, assumptions, beliefs and values. The concept of cultural identity, social identity and national identity also comes to play.
2. Do you agree with the GAM’s view that the best preparation for an international assignment is “learning on the job” instead of formal training programs?
3. What are the human resource problems associated with a multinational company adopting a global human resource management strategy rather than a local strategy for operations outside its home base?
4. Evaluate Dr. Kriek’s approach and actions. Do you agree with the approach she took? Why or Why not?
5. Evaluate her proposal for the cultural awareness and sensitivity workshop for management. What are its strengths and weaknesses? What effect do you think it will have on the managers?

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