Question: 1 Why couldn t this case have been covered by Title

1. Why couldn’t this case have been covered by Title VII on the basis of gender?
2. If Enriquez’s employment with Health Systems were not terminated would she still have a claim for discrimination? Would the conduct of her co-workers and managers have been sufficient to prevail on a discrimination suit? Why or why not?

Enriquez, a biological male, was hired as a medical director by Health Systems and subsequently began an external transformation from male to female as a result of his gender identity disorder. During the transformation, Enriquez’s co-workers and managers voiced discomfort with the transformation and a manager requested that Enriquez halt the transformation process and go back to her prior appearance. When her contract came up for renewal, Enriquez was told that her contract would not be renewed unless she ceased the transformation. Enriquez refused and she was terminated.

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