1 Why did Mayer lose this case 2 According to the
1. Why did Mayer lose this case?
2. According to the Court, under what circumstances might a plaintiff conceivably have an actionable claim involving a sports event gone wrong?
3. To some extent, the Court’s decision was influenced by a decision to protect the judicial system from a flood of litigation. Explain what kinds of legal claims might have been filed if this Court had found that the plaintiff, Mayer, had stated an actionable injury.
In an episode popularly known as “Spygate,” an employee of the New England Patriots National Football League team was caught videotaping New York Jets’ sideline signals, in violation of NFL rules, during a 2007 game with the Jets. The taping was later discovered to have been part of an illicit taping program that reportedly had been ongoing since the 2000 season.
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