1 Why did the court conclude that the parties in
1. Why did the court conclude that the parties in this case were not bound by the settlement and release documents signed by Gyabaah?
2. Why did Aronsky fail to deliver the signed documents to Rivlab or its insurer?
3. What is the most likely reason that Gyabaah did not wish to settle the case with Rivlab or its insurer according to their terms?
4. If Aronsky had informed Rivlab or its insurer that Gyabaah had agreed to the settlement, would her later “change of heart” have been sufficient to set aside the agreement?
[Adwoa Gyabaah was hit by a bus owned by Rivlab Transportation Corporation. She retained attorney Jeffrey Aronsky to represent her in negotiations with Rivlab, its insurer National Casualty Company, and their attorneys. Gyabaah agreed to pay Aronsky a contingency fee of one-third of the amount of her recovery. Aronsky] commenced this personal injury action on plaintiff’s behalf on August 25, 2010 [ against Rivlab]. By letter to Aronsky dated October 1, 2010, defendant’s carrier tendered its $ 1 million policy limits for purposes of settlement. Aronsky explained the proposal to plaintiff who, at that time, chose to accept the settlement.

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