1 Why did the court find for Carey 2 As noted
1. Why did the court find for Carey?
2. As noted in the text, in UCC cases judges fill in contract terms where the parties clearly intended a deal. Should the court here fill in the missing terms to provide the necessary definiteness? Explain.
3. Pilgrim Village Company had employed Petersen as a construction manager at a specified annual salary and “a share of the profits.” Petersen worked at salary for several years and then asked for a 10 percent share of the profits. The company refused, and Petersen sued seeking “some share of the profits.” How should the court rule on Petersen’s claim? Explain.
Defendant Mariah Carey is a famous, successful and apparently wealthy entertainer. Plaintiff Joseph Vian was her stepfather before she achieved stardom, but at the start of this litigation was in the process of becoming divorced from defendant’s mother. He claims defendant agreed orally that he would have a license to market singing dolls in her likeness.
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