1 Why do retailers want to provide customers with more
1. Why do retailers want to provide customers with more product/service information when they come into a retail store?
2. How does Finish Line put the customer first?
3. Why is it important to monitor the results of newly implemented technology, even when it is previously deemed successful?
4. Would you be more inclined to shop at Finish Line or one of their competitors and why?
Finish Line is a clothes and shoe retailer with over 640 locations in malls across the United States. In late 2012, Finish Line was about to unleash its new in-store POS technology to engage more shoppers. Although Finish Line was initially criticized for the timing of the roll-out, director of store applications and delivery, Rob Baugh, knew from the start it was going to be a home-run. From previous research conducted by the National Retail Federation, Finish Line knew an astounding 95 percent of retail purchases were still occurring in physical stores. Thus, an opportunity awaited retailers that could engage more customers to make more in-store purchases. Baugh knew the goal of the POS system was to provide service to the customer, when the customer needed it.

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