Question: 1 Why do you think Frito Lay initially focused so much

1. Why do you think Frito-Lay initially focused so much on sales results as the key indicator of job performance for route sales representatives? What are the features of this job that seem to make it appropriate for a results-based approach to job performance?
2. Describe the advantages and disadvantages to Frito-Lay in defining performance of its route sales representatives in terms of behavior. In what ways does commission-based pay seem incompatible with the behavior approach to job performance? How can a commission pay system be modified to address these issues?
3. Which dimension of job performance did Frito-Lay emphasize in its research? Are there other dimensions of job performance that are likely to be important in the job of route sales representative? What are the likely consequences of overlooking these aspects of performance, both to the employee and to the organization?

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