1 Why do you think Russell Simmons has been successful 2
1. Why do you think Russell Simmons has been successful?
2. Describe the target market that Simmons is trying to appeal to in all of his business ventures. What does this target market value?
3. Simmons grew up surrounded by hip-hop music and culture. In what ways did this give him an advantage in the marketplace? How might his “insider’s knowledge” also function as a limitation?
4. Brainstorm a business idea that you could pitch to Russell Simmons that would be appropriate for Rush Communications to consider. What market research would you need to conduct in advance to assess whether or not your idea has the potential to be successful?
4. Russell Simmons invested $5,000 to start Def Jam and then later sold his business to PolyGram Records for over $100 million. Calculate Simmons’s return on investment (ROI).
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