Question: 1 Why install an ERP 2 Why not install an

1. Why install an ERP?
2. Why not install an ERP?
3. Do you try to cost-benefit justify such a system, and, if so, how?
4. Are there corporate culture issues involved?
5. What degree of top management support is required?
6. What should Meyer and Cook recommend to President McHenry?

Benton Manufacturing Company, Inc., is a U.S. manufacturer of a varied line of consumer durables. Although its stock is publicly traded, a single family holds a controlling interest in the company. In 1998 Benton had net sales of almost $1 billion and an operating profit of about $180 million. Benton’s 5,200 employees operate seven factories and 57 distribution centers located throughout North America. In the past few years Benton has acquired several companies, and two of Benton’s factories have been added as the result of acquisitions that broadened Benton’s product line. Benton’s products are sold through thousands of independent dealers who may sell both Benton’s and competitors’ products.

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