Question: 1 Why is supply chain management so important at a

1. Why is supply chain management so important at a company such as Primark?
2. What set of business conditions prompted Primark to look into upgrading its supply chain management system?
3. What problems was Primark having managing its suppliers and global supply chain?
4. How did the CombineNet ASAP software provide a solution to these problems?
5. How does the CombineNet ASAP software improve supply chain execution for Primark?

If you’re shopping for budget fashion or “cheap chic” in Great Britain today, Primark is your likely destination. Primark currently has nearly 40,000 employees for its 237 bricks-and-mortar outlets, the bulk of which (156) are in the United Kingdom. With 38 stores in Ireland (where it is headquartered), 27 in Spain, 7 in Germany, 5 in Portugal, 3 in the Netherlands, and one in Belgium, Primark has quickly prospered with its high volume, low-cost retail model. Primark keeps costs low by forgoing advertising outlays for a pure word-of-mouth strategy and using its bulk purchasing power as one of the top 200 retail companies in the world. By volume, it is now the second largest clothing retailer in the United Kingdom and leads the value clothing market segment by targeting fashion-conscious young people under 35.

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