1 Why would HP personnel think they could get away
1. Why would HP personnel think they could get away with bribing an employee in the Russian anti-bribery prosecutor’s office?
2. Why was it done through a series of companies in different countries?
3. What has changed to now allow investigators to unravel such a series of events, whereas in the past they would have found it almost impossible?
4. If a company decides to bribe, how many years need to go by so that they are safe from prosecution?
5. Even though German law does not allow companies to be charged, what are the possible consequences of the alleged bribery for HP?

On April 14, 2010, Russian investigators raided the Moscow offices of Hewlett Pack-ard (HP). They did so at the request of German prosecutors who were examining whether HP had paid bribes totaling $10.9 million (€8 million) in bribes to win a $44.5 million (€35 million) contract to supply computer hardware and IT systems to the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation—the very office responsible for prosecuting bribery cases in Russia.

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