Question: 1 Will the Satyam fraud damage India s reputation as a

1. Will the Satyam fraud damage India’s reputation as a reliable provider of information technology outsourcing?
2. How long will it take to restore Satyam Computer’s reputation, and how would you recommend that the restoration be facilitated?
3. Mr. Raju did not commit this fraud on his own. What types of individuals probably assisted him either actively or by keeping quiet about what they knew he was doing?
4. To whom should potential whistle-blowers have complained?
5. Mr. Raju likened his fraud experience to “riding a tiger, not knowing how to get off without being eaten.” This is an aspect experienced by some people trapped on a slippery slope from small to ever larger fraudulent acts. If Mr. Raju had come to you for advice during the tiger ride, what would you have advised him?
6. Should PwC worldwide have to pay any investors for their losses caused by faulty audit work of personnel in PW India?

Satyam Computer Services Ltd. was founded in 1987 by B. Ramalinga Raju. By 2009 it was India’s fourth largest information technology company with 53,000 employees, operating in 66 countries. It provided a variety of services including computer systems, customer services, as well as the outsourcing of accounting and finance. It had 185 of the
Fortune 500 as customers, and acted as a back office to such companies as Nestlé, General Motors, and General Electric.

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