Question: 1 Would you favor the camera requirement Explain your reasoning

1. Would you favor the camera requirement? Explain your reasoning, including the issues and evidence you evaluated in reaching your conclusion.
2. a. How much is your life worth?
b. Should the value of lives be a consideration in federal rules and spending decisions? Explain.
How much is a life worth? That question is probably the crucial cost–benefit inquiry. When imposing new environmental or car safety rules, for example, we are forced to think about how much money we should spend to save an additional life. Recently, leading scholar Kip Viscusi and colleagues put a $7 to $8 million value on human life based on what we are willing to pay to save an average American life. (In 2010, the FDA valued a life at $7.9 million, while the EPA put the figure at $9.1 million.)

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